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About firm

Year of foundation:
Form of ownership:
50 people
32 Sampsonievskiy prospekt, Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA, 194044
(+7) 812 702-41-69

"Business consulting, Saint - Petersburg" or DECOSP is the leading solution provider and software development firm for banking, corporate and insurance sectors. DECOSP was founded in 1991 by a small group of software specialists for development of business software systems and distribution of commercial software products.

In a year after foundation DECOSP developed and implemented the "BankManager" banking system package which became one of the best on Russian market of banking software. Since then DECOSP has developed and implemented more than 150 various software projects.

DECOSP performs full-cycle software development including consulting, engineering, designing, coding, testing, installation and technical support.

DECOSP has implemented corporate Quality System met the world standards such as Capability Maturity Model, ISO 9001-9004, IEEE. Inside the firm we use documented technology for all main project activities including system specifications, configuration management, requirements management, project planning and tracking, training programs, testing and others.

Now we focus on fast growing Internet sector both by adopting existing products and developing solutions in e-commerce and B2B areas.

50 highly qualified professionals permanently work in the firm developing up to 8 medium to large projects at the same time. DECOSP is a partner of Saint Petersburg State Technical University. The best graduates are engaged by the firm.

Our products have been used by more than 100 banks and their branches, corporations, trading houses, superannuation funds and insurance companies located all over Russia including Saint - Petersburg, Moscow, Sakhalin, Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk and other regions.

We successfully overcame several financial crisises in Russia including the last one of 1998. Presently we have more than 30 business partners and customers in Russia.

    Among them are:
  • Saving Bank of Russia,
  • Petrovskiy Bank,
  • Bank "Saint-Petersburg",
  • Russian-Bavarian Trade House,
  • Group of distributors of Adidas and Solomon in Russia,
  • "Eagle Mountain" Sport Center.

Our projects are based on Windows NT and Unix platforms. We widely use MS SQL, ORACLE and INFORMIX as database platforms, Delphi, C/C++, Centura, Java, Visual Basic, Assembler as development tools and XML, ASP, Java technologies for Internet solutions.

We are always open for cooperation. We offer up-to-date products, solutions, technologies as well as our experience and deep understanding of business processes, Internet technologies and communications. Developing solutions for you, we apply our experience and knowledge of modern technologies such as e-commerce and B2B providing high-level services.

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